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About Your Doctor

Specializing in Medical Rejuvenation

Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar

Dr. Laurel is a professional physician that has been practicing medicine for over 35 years and has been sponsored or endorsed by numerous medical organizations and world renowned doctors. Dr. Laurel has translated her passion and dedication for medicine into Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar to help every person who wants to rejuvenate themselves do so by offering the worlds most innovative techniques in medical rejuvenation.

Dr. Laurel believes your time is valuable. That means you will be seen on-time, with no long waiting, while you enjoy a complimentary organic beverage at Dr. Laurel's juice bar.

Below you will find Dr. Laurel's complete resume. 

About The Office

Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar is a quaint storefront office, female-owned small business that boasts a personalized experience that is focused on you.  We provide services for one patient at a time, catering to each individual's needs.  The door is locked so no one can interrupt your service being completed.

We do not have a waiting room or anywhere for the next patient to hang out, so please do not come early.   

We want each patient to experience their full service with complete privacy.  Please do not come to the door until your scheduled appointment time.

Dr. Laurel's Qualifications

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