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RF Microcannula

Contouring the jawline, undereye bags, depressed acne scarring, chin minimization, and treatment of deep wrinkles including the elimination of deep lines

RF Microcannula

The revolutionary Radiofrequency (RF) microcannula operates through a single needle hole in the skin.  To perform this innovated procedure, Dr. Laurel uses a sterile, single use microcannula to gain access to the subdermal tissue plane in deeply wrinkled areas of the face, areas with depressed acne scars, and to treat undereye bags.  By means of a subcision technique that avoids damage to the overlying skin, the RF microcannula is moved in the subdermal tissue plane to soften and free wrinkles and/or scarred tissue from the underlying tissue attachments while emiting pulsed radiofrequency energy.  This technique leads to dramatic improvement in wrinkles and deep scars by means of tissue remodeling.  After initial improvement from the subscision in treated areas, the RF stimulates collagen formation which progressively reduces wrinkles and depressed scars over a 4-6 week period.  It also melts small amounts of fat making it the idea treatment for undereye bags due to fat prolapse, pronounced jowls and even localized fat deposits under the chin.  As with radiofrequency microneedling, the body’s own natural repair processes are responsible for the regeneration of collagen and tissue restoration that occurs.  This RF stimulated repair process can be bolstered by putting PRP, hyaluronic acid and other dermal boosting agents into the treated plane via the microcannula.

The RF microcannula is ideal for treatment of:

Severe lip (“smoker’s”) lines; Contouring the jawline; Undereye bags, Depressed acne scarring, Chin minimization, and treatment of deep wrinkles including the elimination of deep “angry eleven lines”

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