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Real Clients, Real Results

Best PRP Hair Restoration Service in Cleveland.

Note that not all Spa's use the same equipment and technique. There are versions of this procedure and machines used that yield little results.

Dr. Laurel uses techniques and machines that only very high end Spa's use, therefore getting more PRP actual results. Have tried others, ended up coming back to the one that actually works.

Note the Dr. in front of the name, nothing against NP's but you are getting a real Dr. here doing the procedure.


Don't Wait, It's Worth It!!

I wish I found Dr. LAUREL earlier! She is amazing and professional. I went for PPR hair. Did some research and she explained the produre, but I am very happy with the results! In and out. One hour. She is perfect!!

Joe G

Excellent Experience. I Am a Nurse So I Was Probably More Difficult to Impress.

Excellent. Dr. Laurel was very professional, knowledgeable, and honest regarding expectations.

She made it easy to understand the process and goals for treatment. She took her time and answered all my questions. Her price is so much better than other providers, yet I feel like I received the best skill, treatment, and service that any physician could offer.

Hair Growing Like Crazy!

I have been receiving PRP treatments with Dr. Laurel for the last 5 weeks and I am literally blown away by the massive amount of growth I am experiencing in the first 5 weeks and 4 days. I was originally signed up to see another doctor in Virginia but after meeting Dr. Laurel, I know I made the right decision. Her bedside manner is the absolute best and her level of expertise in hair regrowth is extraordinary. Her office is extremely clean and professional. However, what I found refreshing is her amazing personality. Prior to coming to Dr. Laurel, I was depressed as I was not sure if I could regrow my hair as my entire crown had very miniaturized fine hair where you could see my scalp. It made styling difficult for a 56-year-old woman with possible hormonal or female pattern hair loss. Every day I see my hair getting thicker. Now my hair is thriving and I have no doubt that in 3 -6 months' time I will have my full head of hair back.

In just two visits she managed to address my hair loss

Dr. Laurel is awesome! In just two visits she managed to address my hair loss with a vivace treatment, whip my skin into shape as well as shave a few years off my face. All with little or no pain! I feel so fortunate to have found her. Her prices are great and both times she sent me home with a goody bag containing products to enhance my services. She is ultra knowledgeable and professional. You’ll be well informed without any high pressure sales pitch at all. She took sooo much time to LISTEN to my goals and then put a plan in motion to find the best solution all while keeping my budget in mind. If this isn’t enough her engaging personality and hilarious stories will draw you in and you’ll feel as though you’ve made a new friend. She even gave me her personal cell phone number in case I had to reach her after office hours. Seriously? She’s the best!!

Best Decision I Have Ever Made!

Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar is my favorite destination! Dr. Laurel Matthews is brilliant and offers a menu of multiple, cutting edge services. She is professional, skilled, experienced, accountable and truly passionate to partner with her clients to achieve a customized experience with healthy, exciting goals. The best practitioner in her field that will only apply safe techniques for the best results. I look forward to my visits with Laurel. She will make you feel comfortable, listens well and places your needs first. She includes many classy, extra perks automatically for no extra fee. The results are awesome! Thank you Dr. Laurel for your dedication in your field. Keep up the fantastic work of helping us feel and look amazing! God Bless you.

Very Knowledgeable and Fun!

Loved Dr. Laurel’s knowledge and intelligence on matters that pertain to the services offered. She made me feel very at ease about moving forward and I’m very excited about the results, current and future.

After having bariatric surgery 15 years ago I lost more than half of me.

This caused my arms to have excessive hanging skin and throw in the aging process - yikes! I thought I would have to cover up them up, and live with it the rest the rest of my life, since surgery was too expensive (along with pain and recovery time). Then I found Dr. Laurel and truSculpt iD. The results are beyond amazing. Now I can fit into blouses (always had to have stretchy fabric before) and wear short sleeves. But beyond that, Dr. Laurel was upfront about potential results and the downside of the procedure with 100% accuracy. The cost was more than reasonable, taking everything into consideration: no pain, procedure about an hour after work or on weekend, no recovery time (or loss of work/use of vacation time), no sharing a procedure with loss of privacy that happens with surgery, no possibility of infection, no scaring and did I mention, no pain! The procedure itself was less than 1 hour, the heat was completely tolerable and I started seeing results in THREE days. Dr. Laurel sat with me the entire time constantly monitoring and checking on my well-being. As an RN I have worked with many physicians and she is definitely one of the good ones: knowledgeable, professional, skilled, personable and kind.

Not sucking up, just disappointed I couldn't leave a review (without joining). Of course, there is a good chance I did it wrong! If that's the case, let me know and I'll try again.

Dianne H

Doctor really cares! 2 PRP for hair loss treatments & pleased with results

Excellent ! Dr. Laurel really cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her for PRP and more. She explained everything in detail and there was absolutely no pressure. I have had two PRP for hair treatments and am pleased with the results

I have been doing PRP treatments for my scalp with Dr. Laurel for a year with amazing results.

In my opinion, Dr. Laurel is the only doctor in Cleveland for all the rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments. I am confident that Dr. Laurel, an intelligent and proficient surgeon, understands the medical implications of all of these treatments and provides a safe and sanitary environment for all her patients. Her vast knowledge and up to date research on every procedure elevates Doctor Laurel above any other providers of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures. Importantly, Dr. Laurel has updated all her protocols to keep her patients safe from Covid. I highly recommend Dr. Laurel and cannot wait to go back for more treatments!

Comfortable Setting with Competent and Thorough Doctor

Dr. Laurel is very friendly and welcoming, but her knowledge and expertise is what made me feel confident in doing my Vivace treatment with her. I came to her for a thread lift consult and she helped me understand how that may not be the appropriate treatment for my particular face and expectations, and referred me to the Vivace to try to stimulate my collagen more naturally. I had experience with microneedling and PRP in the past with unremarkable results, but she explained how this device penetrates deeper with much more precision, allowing the RF and red light to stimulate well below the surface. She also uses a rare PRP technique that ensures it is not diluted, so it is more effective. The procedure was painless with the numbing cream she provided, as well as N2O. My skin looked bright and in good condition after wiping off the PRP. She gave me a mask to apply afterwards and is available for any questions for after care. I look forward to seeing how the effect develops over the next few months and would feel comfortable returning to her for a follow up treatment. I appreciate her fun, yet professional demeanor, and intelligence.

Payton Hillman

Truly wonderful experience with dr. laurel !!

Hello everyone !! Just wanted to let you know i just had the most wonderful experience with dr. Laurel !! She is truly outstanding and a true professional at her craft. She performed trusculpt on me this past friday dec 16th and made sure to explain the procedure very thoroughly. Doc was happy to answer all of my questions and concerns before and after my fantastic experience at her office. Can't wait to see the final results in about 12 weeks. Thanx so much dr. Laurel & very much looking forward to my follow up visit !! wishing y'all the happiest of holiday's!!

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