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Dr. Laurel's WayLess™ 
THCV Gummies

Your Best Way to Weigh Less


THCV Gummies

Change your Relationship with Eating

25mg* pure THCV Appetite suppressant gummies.  375mg per bottle.


100% THCV-don't be fooled by imitations!

Every batch is tested for purity-- scan the QR code on the bottle of any hemp or CBD product you buy.  **VERIFY it contains what is advertised on the product label.

You will not “feel” anything unusual. Your consciousness will not be altered.  It may take up to a week to have a constant steady state level of THCV in your body. Because THCV is stored in fat, once you have a steady state level you will not notice a substantial increase in your baseline appetite as long as you continue taking the gummies at regular intervals.  These gummies are perfect to support intermittent fasting as well as getting off of semiglutide products.

Real weight loss is a slow, steady process. Please be patient with THCV and with yourself! It doesn't happen overnight but this time you're going to keep it off!

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