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Dr. Laurel Matthews

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Taking a dip in the Fountain of Youth might seem like a great idea, until you come face-to-face with the delivery system. 

“Needles hurt,” remarks Dr. Laurel Matthews. “Many patients struggle with the injection part of aesthetic treatments. The pain is too much for them, or they’re afraid of needles.

That’s why Pro-Nox, she notes, is the latest buzzword in aesthetic medicine.
“Pro-Nox is a combination of nitrous-oxide and oxygen,” she explains. “The patient can administer the gas during the treatment and forget about or not feel the procedure taking place. It’s really ideal for people who want injectables like Botox or fillers, or those who enjoy the dramatic results of microneedling or PRP injections. Within five minutes they’re back to normal and can drive themselves home.”

Dr. Laurel says Pro-Nox can be used during any painful aesthetic procedure and it’s available to anyone. You can add it on to your service for just $50. The delivery of Pro-Nox is simple and sterile. A disposable hose with mouthpiece is used and discarded after each patient. There is no mask, so treatment is not impeded.

“The fear of pain and needles keeps some people from enjoying the aesthetic treatments they want, but with Pro-Nox they have nothing to worry about,” Dr. Laurel smiles. Pro-Nox is ideal for use during any of our non-invasive procedures.”

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Dr. Laurel highly recommends Permanent Enhancements in Solon for cosmetic and medical micro-pigmentation

Offering Permanent Makeup and Corrective Cosmetic Treatments

Owner, Ann Price, has over 40 years experience as a board-certified and licensed cosmetologist. She has been performing permanent make-up and para-medical tattooing for over 17 years.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Permanent makeup

  • Aereola restoration

  • Scar camouflage

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